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Happiness Can Be Bought!

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What Music Does For Art

“Where Words Fail, Music Speaks” – Hans Christian Anderson- Every year I am surprised when I bring to school my old record player, which looks much like a suitcase.  I simply but it down on the floor in front of … Continue reading

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Thank You, Dr. Charles French

I posted on my blog yesterday, “A Gift of Charlotte’s Web.”  As I scrolled down to print a hard copy (yes, I have a hard copy of every blog post- it’s wonderful), I looked at the three suggested readings of similar … Continue reading

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A Gift of Charlotte’s Web

When Sydney’s mother asked me if she could get every child in the class a copy of Charlotte’s Web, I was speechless. “Scholastic has the book for a dollar this month.  It’s really not much”, she said. Not much?  Are you … Continue reading

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Before Smartphones and Computers Kids Had Real Fun

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Kids nowadays will just never understand.

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The Art Show Begins

Next week we begin in earnest to prepare for our annual Art Show for the entire community. In past years children have painted major works of art.  I am never surprised when they love a piece of art.  I am … Continue reading

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Why Do Play Performances?

Paying attention to children and what they like is the key to their greatest learning experiences.  It’s called emergent curriculum, and this is much like how it happens: “Imagine being on a quest with a group of children, walking through … Continue reading

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