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Life Lessons – 101

A few years after I got my feet wet teaching, I read Robert Fulghum’s book, All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten.  That had a profound influence on my career.  His opening essay seemed to take all … Continue reading

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The Story of Romana

Romana was  from Romania.  She was the kindest little girl.  She spoke very little English, yet she clearly enjoyed school.  She is the child on the far right with the biggest smile. I remember the day I took this photo. … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Jennie Fitzkee

Originally posted on beetleypete:
Jennie is an American blogger. She is a truly inspirational teacher of young children, with a real love of reading, books, and education. She is not only the teacher I wish I had had, but the…

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Poetry – The Small things – a poem about what really counts.

Originally posted on Opher's World:
Poetry – The Small things – a poem about what really counts. If life has taught me any lessons it is that there are never any short-cuts that don’t end up costing you, no quick…

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A New Year of Wonder

Originally posted on Playful Directions:
We are almost two weeks into our latest adventure at WT North Pre-K. This class of small scientists has been flowing right into the new routines. We’ve been slowly introducing materials and tools, allowing the…

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A Baby Bird Who Thinks I’m Her Mother

There she was on the playground, a tiny baby bird who could not yet fly.  The children saw her first.  Above was an enormous tree.  The branches were far out of reach.  If there was a nest way up there, … Continue reading

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Kindness, Peace, and Love Day

This is a re-post of  how young children honor the heroes of 9/11. 9/11 at school is Kindness, Peace, and Love Day.  How do we help young children honor the brave people on 9/11?  By remembering and celebrating how people … Continue reading

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