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Book Bears and Making Wishes

Today was the last library Book Bears meeting for the year.  It was also the last Read-Aloud meeting for the year.  Here’s what happened, or I should say, It happened like this… Both books for the two groups were about wishes, … Continue reading

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Picture Stories, Storytelling, and Writing Letters

Learning begins with language, building words upon words.  The more words children hear, the more they learn, and the better they do in school.  All of this leads up to reading readiness.  So, if I can give children hundreds and … Continue reading

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Colors of the Day – Flowering Tree, Moonrise, Sunset

Pink is exploding on the playground at school. This beauty of a tree is beside the climber. We climbed and looked in wonder. The moonrise on the playground above the tree’s early spring leaves glowed above a perfect circle. Children … Continue reading

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From Dinosaurs to the Stop Game

Today was one of those ‘moments’ in teaching, the ones that turn something small into something big.  It was a simple question, yet it opened a whole new world for children. It happened like this… Every day we have the … Continue reading

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Motherhood through the ages

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Jonah’s mother: “That’s a nice story. Now tell me where you’ve really been for the last three days.” Mrs. Columbus: “I don’t care what you discovered — you still could have written!” Mrs. Angelo: “Michael, why…

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Mother’s Day

Look what bloomed just in time for Mother’s Day. A mother’s love is the sun for growing, the moon for dreaming, and the stars for guiding the way. ~ Barbara Loots~ Happy Mother’s Day. Jennie

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Pen-Pal Cards Arrived!

Our new Pen-Pals in Michigan 720 miles and 12 hours away sent us cards. They arrived today! Included was a wonderful letter to the Aqua Roomers. We learned they are the MAC class – Multi Age Class (very cool.) There … Continue reading

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Today’s Quote

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A Visit to The Eric Carle Museum

Just when I thought I might not discover something new, my recent visit to the Eric Carle Museum proved me very wrong.  Everything I experienced and saw was very new.  Lucky me! The main event was the museum’s annual Barbara … Continue reading

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