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My Favorite Bear Books, Part 2

In Part 1 yesterday, I talked about half of these wonderful bear books.  Here is the second half: Blueberries For Sal, by Robert McCloskey The year was 1948.  Sal and her mother go blueberry picking.  On the other side of … Continue reading

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My Favorite Bear Books, Part 1

Winter is here, and it is time to feel cozy, just like bears.  I love bears and bear stories. Children do too.  While stories about animals are always popular, bear stories are favorites, year after year. Here are my favorite … Continue reading

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A Walk Down Memory Lane – Photos Tell the Stories

I have been plugging away at deleting photos from my media library, because I am close to using up my available space.  I know, it’s only a photo, but as I scroll through the photos, every one has been a … Continue reading

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The Female Librarians Who Delivered Books On Horseback

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
Dusty Old Thing recently published an article by Rose Heichelbech about The Fierce Female Librarians Who Delivered Books On Horseback During The Great Depression. While everyone’s heard of the Pony Express, this is a rarely-told…

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Gloria’s Necklace, Part 2

Yesterday’s tragedy of breaking Gloria’s beloved necklace, the one Milly gave her years ago, was a lesson in a whole lot of things – from how do you fix a problem, to doing the right thing, and caring for others.  … Continue reading

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Gloria’s Necklace, Part 1

Today was not a good day.  Everything broke.  It started with the key to our favorite game, Cranium Cariboo.  We call it “The Ball Game”.  It is THE game, and of course it’s no longer made.  The purple key to … Continue reading

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My artist friend at Mountain Roots Studio in Asheville, North Carolina, makes trees out of twisted wire.  Her trees have deep, pronounced roots.  I’ve always liked that.  Roots.  That’s where it all begins.  Without roots we have nothing. I liken … Continue reading

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The Crossing Guard Chronicles: The ‘One Minute Teacher’

Originally posted on S'amusing:
If you had one minute a day to spend with kids, what would you do with it, the one minute? It’s not much time to make a positive impact, is it? Or, is it? Certainly,…

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Best Buddy

Here is a photo of me and my Best Buddy, fifteen years ago. Yes, Best Buddy.  That’s what we called each other. As the years went on, we saw each other occasionally, and we always called each other Best Buddy. … Continue reading

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New York Public Library Most Checked Out Books of All Time

When I read this post, I wasn’t surprised. I was thrilled. These are the oldies and goodies, with a few new books sprinkled in. The number one, Ezra Jack Keats “The Snowy Day”, goes back to my my earliest years … Continue reading

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