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Kelly the Reader – Her Story

Kelly has learned to read.  She is so proud!  Most children are happy to just keep reading, once they have crossed that threshold.  Not Kelly.  She wanted to show her skills to the world, to read aloud on YouTube, but … Continue reading

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Meeting a Blogger: The Letter, The Book, and the Otter

Do you often think how wonderful it would be to meet a favorite blogger – in person – and spend the day with them?  I certainly do.  And it happened!  Well, in order to tell the wonderful story, I must … Continue reading

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Terrific Children’s Books – #3

Books #1 and #2 dealt with the all-important social and emotional issues – friendship, fear, worry, kindness, courage, giving…and more. Here is #3, a story on the same important path, but at a much more complex level.  Oh, this one is … Continue reading

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A Day at the Eric Carle Museum

There is always something new at the Carle. I say this all the time, because it’s true.  Every visit there is ‘something’ that floors me – sets me off like a sparkler. Marc Brown, author of the beloved “Arthur” books … Continue reading

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E.B. White’s Letter to the Library Children

Early-1971, in an effort to attract as many youngsters to the premises as possible, Marguerite Hart — children’s librarian at the newly-opened public library in Troy, Michigan — wrote to a number of notable people with a request: to reply … Continue reading

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The Flights To and From LA – Book Stories

My flight to LA to appear on the Kelly Clarkson Show was packed.  I was in the three-seat section along with a nice young couple.  After a few hours in the air, it was apparent that she was pregnant.  He … Continue reading

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My New Books Arrived

Look what just arrived in the mail today! Jennie

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Amanda in Holland

We had a wonderful visit with our grandchildren after 18 long months. Guess who loves Amanda! Jennie

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Reading Aloud & Reading – There’s a Big Difference.

My greatest passion is reading aloud to children.  I thought it was time to talk about the difference between reading and reading aloud, as I often post about good children’s books.  While reading is the goal, the dream- reading aloud … Continue reading

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Sue Vincent, the Wordsmith and Giver

A true wordsmith can pack a punch into few words that leaves the reader feeling as if s/he has been given a golden key to questioning and understanding. A wordsmith who is also a giver leaves the reader feeling that … Continue reading

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