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Today’s Quote

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It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength. ~ Vincent van Gogh ~ ______________

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Locked On

Look at our eyes. The words I’m reading are terrific. Landon is hearing every word. I can’t say enough, and he can’t hear enough. We’re locked on. Reading aloud is powerful, in the best of ways. Jennie

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End of the School Year

The end of the school year is always fast, furious, and fun. Emotions run wild, both with children and teachers. The week started with visits to every child’s house. Really. How cool is that, to have your teacher come to … Continue reading

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Chapter Reading Summary at School

As a teacher, I write about many things I do with young children.  I will tell you that the most important thing I do is reading aloud.  I know this is #1.  I also chapter read, which is uncommon in … Continue reading

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Magic In Stories!

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( There is magic in stories. Magic is the transmutation of objects or the manipulation of the world in ways that move outside the realm of science. Whether or not magic…

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Daily Quip

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We were all children once. Sometimes we forget that.

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A Child’s Visit – Fountain Play and a Book

Backyard neighbors strolled over for a distance visit. The baby loves all the hanging fish and wind socks. And then she discovered the fountain And climbed right in. We played, picked flowers, all at a distance. Children bring joy! Then … Continue reading

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A Teacher’s Story – #3

Never underestimate the difference you can make for another person.  We all know that a smile can make someone else’s day.  If you are a teacher, and things are falling apart in the classroom, follow your instinct and do what … Continue reading

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A Teacher’s Story – #2

I don’t think people know who my hero is.  I doubt my own children even know; they would say my it’s my grandmother, Nan.  And, so would most people close to me.  Nan was the best grandmother, and what I … Continue reading

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A Teacher’s Story – #1

When I was a new teacher I stumbled across this wonderful story.  I still have my well-worn hard copy, which I read from time to time.  It never gets old, it fills me up. I’ve read that it may not … Continue reading

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