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The Crossing Guard Chronicles: New School Year and The ‘Curbside Classroom’

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I stood resolute at my post, the early morning calm about to be broken by the approaching din of young voices and squeaky bicycles, a familiar and welcoming sound. It’s the first day of the…

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Gloria joined the classroom today, and oh what a homecoming it was. It’s doubtful Santa Claus would receive such a welcome. After all these years we are still amazed at the difference Gloria makes and how children are drawn to … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Jennie Fitzkee

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Jennie is an American blogger. She is a truly inspirational teacher of young children, with a real love of reading, books, and education. She is not only the teacher I wish I had had, but the…

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Poetry – The Small things – a poem about what really counts.

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Poetry – The Small things – a poem about what really counts. If life has taught me any lessons it is that there are never any short-cuts that don’t end up costing you, no quick…

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A New Year of Wonder

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We are almost two weeks into our latest adventure at WT North Pre-K. This class of small scientists has been flowing right into the new routines. We’ve been slowly introducing materials and tools, allowing the…

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Quotations On Nature

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( “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”                                                                                John Muir ? ( “The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go…

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Today’s Quote

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The earth has its music for those who listen. ~ Reginald Vincent Holmes ~ __________________

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