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Quote of the day

Originally posted on M.C. Tuggle, Writer:
“By failing to read or listen to poets, society dooms itself to inferior modes of articulation, those of the politician, the salesman, or the charlatan. In other words, it forfeits its own evolutionary…

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Today’s Quote

Originally posted on Soul Gatherings:
It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength. ~ Vincent van Gogh ~ ______________

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End of the School Year

The end of the school year is always fast, furious, and fun. Emotions run wild, both with children and teachers. The week started with visits to every child’s house. Really. How cool is that, to have your teacher come to … Continue reading

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Magic In Stories!

Originally posted on charles french words reading and writing:
( There is magic in stories. Magic is the transmutation of objects or the manipulation of the world in ways that move outside the realm of science. Whether or not magic…

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Daily Quip

Originally posted on Butterfly Sand:
We were all children once. Sometimes we forget that.

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The Crossing Guard Chronicles: Oh, What We’ve Missed…

Originally posted on S'amusing:
“Today, April 30, 1789, is a big day in American history. It happened in New York City and was the first of its kind. Do you know what it is?” * This would have been…

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Please Honor Memorial Day

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( I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend, but I also hope you remember why this holiday exists.  The word “holiday” comes from “holy day,” and the remembrance of…

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HELLO! Remember Me?

Originally posted on Pacific Paratrooper:
Tomorrow is 1 May, the start of Military Appreciation Month.  I thought it appropriate to remind some about the flag they fly under and why…… Some call me Old Glory, others call me the Star…

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Quotations on Perseverance

Originally posted on charles french words reading and writing:
In these difficult times when many are feeling great stress and fear, please do not be upset about inconvenience. I hope a few quotations might be useful. ( “Courage is not…

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Originally posted on Down the Hall on Your Left:
Faces. Everybody has one with the exception of those people we meet who turn out to have two, but we try to avoid them. As a youth in Pennsylvania there was…

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