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 “Jennie!  Come quick!  There’s a rainbow in the bathroom.” What a surprise. Everyone clamored into the bathroom for a look, to put their hands onto the rainbow. The rainbow miraculously appeared on little hands. Sometimes wonder needs no words. The … Continue reading

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An Oxymoron Sky

Bright sun, black sky late this afternoon. An oxymoron, Mother Nature’s playful way. Did she want us to look up? Take in the last color of fall? I was captivated. People walked by, never looking. I was the winner, others … Continue reading

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The Fog Calls a Teacher

Halloween was over, and a thick fog settled in. This was a fog never seen.  Never. The fog called me. I wanted to run, be with the fog, get swallowed. I am a child at heart. I have the eyes … Continue reading

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Creepy Sunset

My favorite intersection on the way home has beautiful sunsets. Tonight was different. The house! I’ve never seen it ‘come alive’. Halloween is here. Beware! Jennie

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Old Cemeteries in New England

Fall in New England is beautiful in color.  Groton’s old cemetery is lush with ancient trees and headstones that date back to the 1600’s.  Most of the headstones are made of slate, so they retain their carvings.  A walk through … Continue reading

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Fall and Nature’s Red Fingertips

Fall in New England is beautiful.  Spectacular might be a better word.  Every year is a marvel for children on the playground at school.  We have maple trees.  They turn bright red and orange.  This year was different.  The bright … Continue reading

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Summer’s Last Hurrah

Summer does not want to go away. It wants to bloom and stay. Our last warm day was bursting with color, as if the flowers somehow knew, and decided to put on a show. Fall leaves have not yet turned … Continue reading

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The Hawk and Peace

The last day of school for teachers before children arrive to start the new year, a young hawk perched atop our Peace Pole. He stayed for a long time, looking at the world and at teachers. It was a good … Continue reading

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My Fish

Yes, I name my fish.  They adorn our pool, and each is unique.  Much like my children at school, they have personalities and character.  They make me smile.  I love my fish.  They’re my summer family. “Ted”, named after Hubby’s … Continue reading

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