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Gloria’s Summer Adventure – With Oscar

Gloria is spending time at my house until she ‘heads to Maine’ for her annual summer retreat. “Jennie, can Oscar come. too?  He really wants to spend the summer with me.” “Of course he can, Gloria.” The first day was … Continue reading

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Self Portraits

My favorite year-end art project, children drawing a picture of themselves and comparing it to the drawing they made at the start of the school year. Look at how they’ve grown! Jennie

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Book Bears and Making Wishes

Today was the last library Book Bears meeting for the year.  It was also the last Read-Aloud meeting for the year.  Here’s what happened, or I should say, It happened like this… Both books for the two groups were about wishes, … Continue reading

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Colors of the Day – Flowering Tree, Moonrise, Sunset

Pink is exploding on the playground at school. This beauty of a tree is beside the climber. We climbed and looked in wonder. The moonrise on the playground above the tree’s early spring leaves glowed above a perfect circle. Children … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

Look what bloomed just in time for Mother’s Day. A mother’s love is the sun for growing, the moon for dreaming, and the stars for guiding the way. ~ Barbara Loots~ Happy Mother’s Day. Jennie

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A Visit to The Eric Carle Museum

Just when I thought I might not discover something new, my recent visit to the Eric Carle Museum proved me very wrong.  Everything I experienced and saw was very new.  Lucky me! The main event was the museum’s annual Barbara … Continue reading

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A Picture Says a Thousand Words

A child in my class is greeting George Washington. Yes, a picture says a thousand words. Jennie

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Stop and Smell the Roses, Jennie

This past week  was very busy.  It was school vacation week, so we we rolled up our sleeves to start on yard work.  Spring arrives late in New England.  Of course we had a delightful day driving to a lovely … Continue reading

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Gloria Goes To Washington – Part 2

In Part 1, Gloria and Tim visited the Lincoln Memorial. President Lincoln believed in equality for all. Tim and his parents thought Gloria would like that lesson. Part 2 Hey Aqua Room, Gloria had a very busy day yesterday!  First … Continue reading

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I call my classroom a family.  We are a family.  Children hear me say all the time, “Once an Aqua Roomer, always an Aqua Roomer.”  That means family is always there for you.  Children can take Gloria home long after … Continue reading

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