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toys r (all of) us.

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National Toy Hall of Fame Reveals 12 Toy Finalists Which toys will make it into the National Toy Hall of Fame this November? The Strong’s National Toy Hall of Fame…

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Starting the School Year Reading Charlotte’s Web

Every year I start chapter reading with my preschool class on ‘day one’.  And, the first book I read is Charlotte’s Web.  We have barely had three weeks of school and children are totally hooked.  They adore Wilbur and laugh at … Continue reading

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9/11 and Kindness Peace and Love Day at School

Honoring 9/11 at school is Kindness, Peace, and Love Day.  It has been twenty years since that tragic day in September, and for children it is a day to remember the heroes.  How do we help young children honor the … Continue reading

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The Start of a New Year at School – Part 2

In Part 1, I talked about welcoming children to a new year at school. Part 2 This is the really important piece – The Teacher.  What a teacher brings to children and the classroom makes all the difference in the world.  … Continue reading

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The Start of a New Year at School – Part 1

When children come to school next week, they will be greeted at the front entrance by this hand painted dove.  I can’t imagine anything more welcoming for children than walking across this threshold to start their day at school. This … Continue reading

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