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We Got Mail!

Our pen pals in Michigan loved our valentines, and they wrote back.  That’s what pen pals do. They’re the MAC PACK.  How cool is that? Dear friends in the Aqua Room, Thank you for our Valentines.  We are so happy … Continue reading

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Pen Pal Valentines

Valentines for our pen pals who live far away in England and Michigan, love and friendship made by hand. Jennie

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My Summer Pen-Pal

I received an email from Kiansh’s mother in early August.  He was in my preschool class last year, and he misses me. I wanted to share what Kiansh told me before going to bed a couple of days ago.  I … Continue reading

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Pen-Pal Cards Arrived!

Our new Pen-Pals in Michigan 720 miles and 12 hours away sent us cards. They arrived today! Included was a wonderful letter to the Aqua Roomers. We learned they are the MAC class – Multi Age Class (very cool.) There … Continue reading

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Children Giving To Their Sergeant Pen-Pal; A Life Lesson

Children are egocentric by nature.  Therefore, teaching the most important things in life, such as genuine thanks and caring, takes more than just words.  It takes doing. After writing letters and drawing pictures for Sergeant Curran, our pen-pal stationed in … Continue reading

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Thank You, Sergeant Curran, Our Pen-Pal

“Thank you.”  Those are the most fundamental words, next to “please”, that shape children’s character.  It is far more than manners; saying the words is one thing, doing the words is another. My class is thanking Sergeant Curran, stationed in Afghanistan.  We’re doing … Continue reading

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