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Beyond Telling a Story

I tell stories.  It began many years ago during lunchtime in my classroom with my preschoolers.  I told a story about my childhood, The Peanut Man, which has become a classic story that children beg for, along with at least fourteen … Continue reading

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Chickens Don’t Sweat

Chickens don’t sweat.  Really, this is absolutely true.  I was behind a chicken truck driving along the Eastern Shore yesterday. The moment I saw this truck (I was driving) I yelled at my husband, “It’s a chicken truck!  Get the … Continue reading

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Thank You, Sergeant Curran, Our Pen-Pal

“Thank you.”  Those are the most fundamental words, next to “please”, that shape children’s character.  It is far more than manners; saying the words is one thing, doing the words is another. My class is thanking Sergeant Curran, stationed in Afghanistan.  We’re doing … Continue reading

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Geography, Africa, and Preschool Immersion

One of our most treasured and well-used classroom books is the Big Book of the World.  We love to look through the book as it shows not only physical maps of the world, continents and countries, but also animals, agriculture, … Continue reading

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