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The Miracle of Reading

Originally posted on Myths of the Mirror:
pixabay I had another post prepared for today… but then a miracle happened… I showed up at Tornado Boy’s house for two days of “Grammy Time.” Kindergarten doesn’t kick off until Tuesday and…

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School, Yesterday and Today

Yesterday:  The classroom is a disaster.  So much to do.  Overwhelming.  How will I ever be ready? Today: Lookin’ good! Tomorrow:  Children!  I can’t wait. ❤️ Jennie

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Quotations on Books

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( “A room without books is like a body without a soul.”                                                                  Marcus Tullius Cicero ( “Books are a uniquely portable magic.”                                                                  Stephen King ? “Books are the lifeblood…

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Smorgasbord End of Summer Party – #Music Requests from Rob Goldstein, Victoria Zigler, Jemima Pett, Luna Saint Claire and Jennie Fitzkee

Sally has posted a terrific collection of songs from bloggers who were at the Smorgasbord Invitation. While I was not able to be there, (the food was to die for!) my favorite song is included. “It’s a Wonderful World” by … Continue reading

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The Explanation of Life

Originally posted on My Good Time Stories:
Photo by Pixabay on What is the meaning of life? For thousands and thousands of years, there has been an untold number of scientists and people who have attempted to explain the…

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Picture Books

The school year is beginning, and I turn to the most important thing I do in teaching – reading aloud.  This is an earlier post that explodes with many picture books I discovered, and how they became the golden key. … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To Teachers

Dear Teachers, As you start your new school year there is one word that will get you through the uncertainty and the worry.  It’s the same word that is the heart of educating.  That word is ‘joy’.  No, it’s not … Continue reading

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Can’t Get Enough Reading

Chapter reading together was over, long over. I peeked in to say one last goodnight. Reading by flashlight. Just wonderful. Jennie

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Milly – The Epilogue

This card was passed out at the memorial service. It’s an odd thing to say that a eulogy was inspirational.  Yet for Milly, how could it be anything less?  And, it’s unusual to laugh out loud at the words the … Continue reading

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One Dollar and Eleven Cents

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Photo by Pixabay on Every once in a while, I come across a story that renews my faith in miracles. The following true story is an example of how miracles just “don’t…

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