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Milly – Part 4

In Part 3, Milly brought in beautiful fabrics and placed them on the sketch of the Peace Quilt spread out across a big table.  Children came to her like moths to a candle, picking out just the right fabrics.  At … Continue reading

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Milly – Part 2

In Part 1, I discovered a Peace Portal at a museum and recreated it in my classroom.  Peace became a big deal and very real to children.  When I saw quilts that were murals, I knew I had to make … Continue reading

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The Real Start of Teaching the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July – America’s declaration of independence.  I teach children about the American flag, and patriotism.  It’s important.  Best of all, children often lead the way.  Their interests are the springboard for the best learning. The Fourth of … Continue reading

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“Ladeez and Gentlemen, Children of All Ages…”

The circus came to town!  Children were excited to perform for their families on Zoom.  It was a grand finalé to a month of learning about animals, what happens behind the scenes in a real circus, and writing circus picture … Continue reading

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Gloria and the Indians

‘Gloria’ was very involved in a recent discussion on Indians.  It was a huge moment in teaching.  She understands being different. It happened like this… I have finished reading “Little House on the Prairie” to my preschoolers.  At the end … Continue reading

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Preschoolers and Memorial Day

How do I teach preschoolers about Memorial Day? I start at the beginning, with a great book that teaches children about America. I teach them how to sing “God Bless America”, starting by singing the book. We then learn about … Continue reading

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“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” ~Mr. Rogers~ The dinosaurs are congregating. They don’t look happy. “They need … Continue reading

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Goodnight Moon

Before children learn to read, first they must hear the words.  It’s developmental, like learning to crawl before learning to walk.  The auditory piece, including singing, hits both the brain and the soul in learning.  In my preschool class, reading … Continue reading

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Our Wish Tree

What is a Wish Tree? Wikipedia says: A wish tree is an individual tree, usually distinguished by species, position or appearance, which is used as an object of wishes and offerings.  Such trees are identified as possessing a special spiritual … Continue reading

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Reading Aloud & Reading – There’s a Big Difference.

My greatest passion is reading aloud to children.  I thought it was time to talk about the difference between reading and reading aloud, as I often post about good children’s books.  While reading is the goal, the dream- reading aloud … Continue reading

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