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Halloween at School

Halloween at school is Pajama Day!  Everyone wears PJs, teachers included.  Of course there’s a (wonderful) method behind our madness.  Costumes can be scary for some children, and how cool is it to wear your pajamas to school! We also … Continue reading

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Language, Literacy, and Storytelling – Part 5 – The Conclusion

In Part 4, I shared my storytelling at school.  In the bathroom I use rhyming words and tell make-believe stories.  I incorporate children’s names into the story.  I add complex vocabulary words.  At lunchtime, I tell Jennie Stories, true stories of … Continue reading

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E.B. White’s Grandniece – In My Classroom

It happened like this: And as you know, those are the beginning words to a really good story.  So, hold on to your hat. Last spring I learned that E.B. White’s grandniece was giving a presentation at my local library.  … Continue reading

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‘Friday Night Lights’ With My Preschooler

Thank you, Wesley.  I was thrilled to come to your high school football game. Children are precious.  I’m the lucky one when they come into my class.  And when they leave, they never really leave, because they are a part … Continue reading

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“Buck Buck! How Many Horns Are Up?”

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hffe OMG! – Those kids don’t have bike helmets on!  Call the cops on their parents!  (that’s Toritto and his brother Alfred – now 76 and 72 respectively) Times have changed.  Once upon a time kids…

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There Are Stories in Your Heart — Set Them Free.

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Scientifically, all ideas form inside your brain. Your head is the place where dreams become goals and goals become plans. There is no doubt that the capabilities of a writer depend on their ability to…

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The Letter, With Love

            Thank you for the lovely letter, Rowan.  Seeing your smiling face and getting a great big hug was the best.  You were proud and confident, eager to show me your letter.  I miss you, … Continue reading

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