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Storytelling: A Halloween Story

Storytelling is, and has always been, the foundation for language and learning.  I write about children, yet storytelling applies to all people.  Words and ideas are how we start to learn, and how we continue to learn. Everybody loves a … Continue reading

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Abraham Lincoln’s Famous Letter to His Son’s Teacher

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There are great men and women who walk this earth with so much grace, inspiring and empowering millions of people from all over the world to live their lives in ways that bring more love,…

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Picture Books, Humor & Vocabulary

Author Ryan T. Higgins is hysterical. I mean unexpected, fall-down-laughing hysterical. His two children’s books are favorites in my classroom.  The storyline is a grumpy old bear who likes eggs, and what happens is imaginative and funny.  I read Mother … Continue reading

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Two Blog Awards

Thank you to my good friend and happy blogger Nina over at The Happy Life – – for nominating me for the Versatile Blog Award.  I am honored!  The rules are to list seven random facts about yourself, and … Continue reading

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Quotations on Imagination

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( “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Albert Einstein ( “Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.” Jonathan Swift ? “Imagination will often carry us…

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Making Magic

Each year I host a party for children and their families, and every year it creates magic– not the storybook or pretend magic, but something very real. Families gather with their children when school closes and have a pizza party … Continue reading

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Singing Spontaneously

Singing is perhaps the second most important thing I do for children, right behind reading-aloud.  The biggest impact seems to come when singing is spontaneous. Lunchtime was a case in point: “You Are My Sunshine” lunchbox note. Savannah’s lunchbox often … Continue reading

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Gloria is perhaps the kindest and most beloved member of my class.  She has been around for quite some time, and she returned to school this week.  The children were… well, a bit unsure at first.  After all, Gloria is … Continue reading

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“The Poet’s Dog”, a Book For The Ages

“Dogs speak words.  But only poets and children hear.” Those are the opening words in Patricia MacLachlan’s new book, The Poet’s Dog.  I have read the book twice, because there are many words not to be missed; words that are … Continue reading

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Charles French, Author and Educator

I am pleased to tell you about Charles French, an accomplished author and educator who is publishing his new book, Maledicus: Paranormal Investigative Society Book I.  Let me start at the beginning of my story of Dr. French; his blogging, … Continue reading

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