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Gloria, Elephant & Piggie, and the Leprechaun

Saint Patrick’s Day in the classroom We tried SO hard to catch that leprechaun.  It took three days to make a trap.  First we painted a box green, then we made rainbow ladders out of popsicle sticks and tunnels out … Continue reading

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Kelly the Reader – Her Story

Kelly has learned to read.  She is so proud!  Most children are happy to just keep reading, once they have crossed that threshold.  Not Kelly.  She wanted to show her skills to the world, to read aloud on YouTube, but … Continue reading

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Grandma Moses

THEGUARDIAN.COM Queen of Christmas: the wondrous snowy landscapes that made Grandma Moses as big as Jackson Pollock. As soon as I saw this article, shared by the Bennington Museum in Bennington, VT, I knew I needed to tell her story, … Continue reading

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Never Underestimate Children’s Creativity

I am still learning.  After 39 years of teaching preschool, I still learn from children.  Thank goodness!  Today was one of those days, or I should say one of those ‘moments’. It happened like this… We’re learning about woodland animals.  … Continue reading

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The Fog Calls a Teacher

Halloween was over, and a thick fog settled in. This was a fog never seen.  Never. The fog called me. I wanted to run, be with the fog, get swallowed. I am a child at heart. I have the eyes … Continue reading

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Gloria has returned from the spa, looking refreshed and happy. She will spend the weekend with me at home, and meet the children at school next week. She is excited! Jennie

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My Fish

Yes, I name my fish.  They adorn our pool, and each is unique.  Much like my children at school, they have personalities and character.  They make me smile.  I love my fish.  They’re my summer family. “Ted”, named after Hubby’s … Continue reading

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Clouds Tell a Story

Tonight was sky watching and cloud watching. “These are cirrus clouds. The high altitude winds make them wispy. They’re not water droplets, like most clouds. They’re ice crystals.” “Oh.  Thank you.” You see clouds.  I see a bride’s veil, a … Continue reading

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Hubby was a flyer in the Navy.  He knows clouds, wind, and anything about the sky.  Actually, he can look at the sky and understand the weather, far better than our TV weather forecasters / meteorologists.  It’s what he had … Continue reading

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