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‘Life is Good’ – It’s More Than T-shirts

The Healing Power of Optimism Well, that caught my attention.  I know those words to be true.  I’m a preschool teacher; optimism and healing are in my pockets, and in my heart.  It’s what I do with children. That was … Continue reading

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The Last Winter Sunset

A last winter sunset.  Do you see the house looking at the barn, with wide eyes and an open mouth?  Do you see what it’s saying? Hey, barn!  Do you see what I see?  It’s a beauty of a sunset.  … Continue reading

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We Got Mail!

Our pen pals in Michigan loved our valentines, and they wrote back.  That’s what pen pals do. They’re the MAC PACK.  How cool is that? Dear friends in the Aqua Room, Thank you for our Valentines.  We are so happy … Continue reading

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Goodnight Moon – It’s a ‘Rap’

Before children learn to read, first they must hear the words.  It’s developmental, like learning to crawl before learning to walk.  The auditory piece, including singing, hits both the brain and the soul in learning.  In my preschool class, reading … Continue reading

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Reading Aloud Heals Just About Everything – Part 2

My post on ‘Reading Aloud Heals Just About Everything’ gave my readers a chance to reflect and tell their stories. Thank You! “Few days before my father died I was reading to him. I don’t remember what the book was. … Continue reading

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Reading Aloud Heals Just About Everything

My favorite ‘reading aloud movie’ is “The Princess Bride.”  Yes, it’s a wonderful movie about a fairy tale…but more importantly it’s a grandfather reading aloud the book to his sick grandson, a reluctant listener.  Eventually the grandson is fully engrossed … Continue reading

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My Mini Love Note

Big things come in little packages, and my mini love note couldn’t have made my heart any bigger. Happy Valentine’s Day! “Some people care too much, I think it’s called love.” ~Winnie the Pooh~ Jennie

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Pen Pal Valentines

Valentines for our pen pals who live far away in England and Michigan, love and friendship made by hand. Jennie

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Winter Sunset

At last, there was a winter sunset on the drive home from work at my favorite Sunset Farm intersection.  That means the days are getting longer.  At school we can now watch sunsets on the playground at the end of … Continue reading

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We’re Still Pen-Pals

Last summer a child who had moved on from my class was missing me.  His mom emailed: He said, “Mumma, I miss Jennie.”  I said, “I’m sure you do.  What is it you miss about her? ” He said, “I … Continue reading

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