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Creepy Sunset

My favorite intersection on the way home has beautiful sunsets. Tonight was different. The house! I’ve never seen it ‘come alive’. Halloween is here. Beware! Jennie

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Gloria’s Weekend

Gloria had her first weekend visit with a child this year. Year after year, Gloria becomes a well-loved member of the classroom.  Why?  Because children naturally want to be loving.  They need a platform to do that outside of their … Continue reading

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Over the past two years children in my class have loved Boston Dynamics’ robots.  Well, that’s actually an understatement.  Children have been over the moon, and they have embraced every video from dancing to technology. A new year just began.  … Continue reading

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Magic at School

The most important part of school is making connections.  When teachers connect with children, and when children connect with each other, the school year begins.  It turns on ‘the light’, and that light enables learning, and is deep inside everyone.  … Continue reading

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Old Cemeteries in New England

Fall in New England is beautiful in color.  Groton’s old cemetery is lush with ancient trees and headstones that date back to the 1600’s.  Most of the headstones are made of slate, so they retain their carvings.  A walk through … Continue reading

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sprinkle magic.

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a tribe not my own, but with the same kind of spirit — “surround yourself with people who add value to your life. who challenge you to be greater than…

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Today’s Quote

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  What do we teach our children? … We should say to each of them: Do you know what you are? You are a marvel. You are unique … You may become a Shakespeare, a…

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Fall and Nature’s Red Fingertips

Fall in New England is beautiful.  Spectacular might be a better word.  Every year is a marvel for children on the playground at school.  We have maple trees.  They turn bright red and orange.  This year was different.  The bright … Continue reading

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The New Groton Hill Music Center

A new music venue is in Groton.  The design, acoustics, and architecture are world class, with multiple concert halls and studios.  One opens like an airplane hanger so people can enjoy the concert outside.  This will rival anything outside of … Continue reading

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Every year, Gloria comes into the classroom and becomes a beloved friend, someone who understands children.  She represents everything that is kind… yet different, and that is the pathway to acceptance.  Gloria is diversity, and the catalyst to acceptance.  She … Continue reading

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