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A Smile Says it All – The Written Word, and Reading

My pen-pal is reading my letter.  Connecting with a child is a wondrous thing.  When that connection is cemented in written words and reading aloud, it gives the child an enormous boost in emotional development and confidence.  Suddenly the world … Continue reading

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My Summer Books

These are the wonderful book I collected over the summer. Some I have read, some were gifted to me, and some are high on my TBR list. I purchased many in the collection- a tribute to the books, because it … Continue reading

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Gloria has returned from the spa, looking refreshed and happy. She will spend the weekend with me at home, and meet the children at school next week. She is excited! Jennie

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At Last!

Look what arrived today! I’ve been looking forward to owning and reading this book for a long time. Amanda is much like a modern day Nancy Drew. The book series, by Darlene Foster, takes Amanda all over the world. History, … Continue reading

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Summer’s Last Hurrah

Summer does not want to go away. It wants to bloom and stay. Our last warm day was bursting with color, as if the flowers somehow knew, and decided to put on a show. Fall leaves have not yet turned … Continue reading

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Quotations On Imagination

Originally posted on charles french words reading and writing:
( “I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”          …

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When Reading-Aloud Grows a Reader

Reading aloud to children is the most important thing I do in my classroom, every single day.  I tell parents this every year. The fundamental constant that gives children the tools to succeed in school is language. The more words … Continue reading

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Connecting With Children

Week One: Tears.  Fears.  Smiles.  Worries. Then laughing crept in, and hugging.  Children learned the routine and bonded with teachers.  They sang the ‘Days of the Week’ song on their own.  Parent goodbyes became quick. In my ‘gazillion’ years of … Continue reading

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Originally posted on I didn't have my glasses on….:
today at school we looked up way up on top of the carved art pole covered in languages all saying one thing ‘peace’    a hopeful sign  the kinder could not…

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The Hawk and Peace

The last day of school for teachers before children arrive to start the new year, a young hawk perched atop our Peace Pole. He stayed for a long time, looking at the world and at teachers. It was a good … Continue reading

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