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My Mini Love Note

Big things come in little packages, and my mini love note couldn’t have made my heart any bigger. Happy Valentine’s Day! “Some people care too much, I think it’s called love.” ~Winnie the Pooh~ Jennie

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My Teacher Lightbulb Moment – Part 1

Fellow blogger Don at Don Ostertag: Off Stage recently commented, “If only other teachers were children at heart.” It hit home with me, because that is when I became a ‘real’ teacher.  That’s when I found my heart.  No, that’s … Continue reading

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My Summer Pen-Pal

I received an email from Kiansh’s mother in early August.  He was in my preschool class last year, and he misses me. I wanted to share what Kiansh told me before going to bed a couple of days ago.  I … Continue reading

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A Picture Says a Thousand Words

A child in my class is greeting George Washington. Yes, a picture says a thousand words. Jennie

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Gloria Goes To Washington – Part 2

In Part 1, Gloria and Tim visited the Lincoln Memorial. President Lincoln believed in equality for all. Tim and his parents thought Gloria would like that lesson. Part 2 Hey Aqua Room, Gloria had a very busy day yesterday!  First … Continue reading

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Presenting the Art Show

“Art should make you feel, like music.” ~ Vasilly Kandinski ~ When children’s masterpieces were complete, framed and titled, I showed every work of art- slowly, with Vivaldi playing in the background.  I said nothing except the title of each … Continue reading

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Keep Smiling and Stay Warm – Olaf!

March is going out like a lion, not a lamb. Here’s how to keep smiling and stay warm on the playground at school: Thank goodness for my Olaf hat! Jennie

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First Snow

The sun is setting on the new fallen snow Large pines rest their snow laden boughs, ready for a winter’s night. Night falls and the young trees gleam, wearing snow like children who were sledding and playing outside today. First … Continue reading

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Best Children’s Christmas Books – and a New One

Red and Lulu, by Matt Tavares is the story of two cardinals who live in a mighty evergreen tree.  They love their home, their tree.  Best of all, they love it when winter arrives and Christmas carolers sing close by.  … Continue reading

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Play is Important – Here’s Why

We all hear that play is important for children.  I know it’s important.  It’s their work; how they learn to make friends, negotiate, solve problems with objects, and solve problems with other children.  Play is having fun, and it’s also … Continue reading

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