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The Diorama that Changed a Child

Jared is part of my Book Bears library group.  He is a great kid; he was in my preschool class years ago. I loved Jared (and still do).  No child has a bigger heart.  Teachers just have to see that.  … Continue reading

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Being A Late Bloomer

I was a late bloomer.  It’s a term that is mostly used for flowers today.  Way back when, children who didn’t seem to grow as quickly as their peers were often called “late bloomers”.  I struggled to read.  I sucked … Continue reading

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Childhood and Summer, Then and Now

On summer evenings my greatest pleasure is sitting on the porch and reading.  My porch has soft lighting and wood everywhere; bare wood and rough wood.  The ceiling is the roughest wood of all, and my husband wants to paint … Continue reading

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Why Do Play Performances?

Paying attention to children and what they like is the key to their greatest learning experiences.  It’s called emergent curriculum, and this is much like how it happens: “Imagine being on a quest with a group of children, walking through … Continue reading

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Roots and Wings…and Thunderstorms

Last evening I was outdoors with my husband and our adult daughter watching the big thunderstorm rumble into our yard.  We were all enjoying the anticipation as well as the storm itself.  I asked my daughter what memories popped into … Continue reading

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Why Do Play Performances With Children?

Timothy planned his own costume.  He wanted to be a seagull, and he thought a white plastic trash bag cut along the sides would be perfect.  It was.  This made Timothy soar in his performance; not only as a seagull, … Continue reading

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Behold the Art Show

Children were sitting together as I carefully picked up each ‘masterpiece’, mounted and framed, and labeled with a title.  They knew this was IT, seeing the results of their love and labor.  I held up each piece, one at a … Continue reading

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