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Talking Death and Dying with Children – Part 3

In Part 2, I talked about the dreaded “D” words – death and dying – that teachers and parents fear.  I introduced a gentle and friendly book, City Dog, Country Frog by Mo Willems, that may be helpful in starting a … Continue reading

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Language, Literacy, and Storytelling – Part 2

In Part 1, I talked about growing readers, reading aloud, and chapter reading.  I talked about how language, and the number of words a child hears is critical to academic success in school.  And I took language to the next … Continue reading

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My Classroom Bookshelf

My classroom bookshelf is the most important and popular place to be.  I think so, and children certainly feel that way.  They congregate like squirrels at a bird feeder.  Yes, there are fights over books, loud times, and also quiet … Continue reading

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Chapter Reading

Chapter reading is one of our treasured moments of the day. We bring to life the imagination, the world, and the past. The anticipation of ‘what happens next’ stirs excitement every day. Children listen and think. They ask questions. Ask … Continue reading

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Reading Aloud = Academic Success + Pleasure

This is about more than reading; this is about academic success, learning to read, and loving to read.  It’s about young children and older children, and what happens along the way.  Here are worrisome statistics and great stories.  You should … Continue reading

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Reading to Children

We are reading Charlotte’s Web, our first chapter reading book of the school year. In just these first weeks of school, children are already hooked on this wonderful book. The older children laugh when the goose repeats things three times. … Continue reading

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The Popular Jennie Story

The Bat Story “It happened like this… when I was a little girl I loved to ride my bike.  It was red, and I rode it everywhere.  I’d pack a bologna sandwich in a paper bag and head off to … Continue reading

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