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A Song For the Ages – The Voices of Children

This is the song of the school year, the song that makes me swell with joy, cry, and feel so very proud to be teaching children. Children are our future. “Where words fail, music speaks” ~Hans Christian Andersen~ Jennie

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Elvis, and Martin Luther King

When Martin Luther King died, Elvis Presley was devastated- along with everyone else.  He was scheduled to perform a few days later, and he was troubled.  He stayed up all night and wrote a song, and sang it instead of … Continue reading

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The New Groton Hill Music Center

A new music venue is in Groton.  The design, acoustics, and architecture are world class, with multiple concert halls and studios.  One opens like an airplane hanger so people can enjoy the concert outside.  This will rival anything outside of … Continue reading

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Music Makes the 4th of July

The 4th of July – America’s declaration of independence.  I teach children about the American flag, and patriotism.  It’s important.  Best of all, children often lead the way.  Their interests are the springboard for the best learning. The 4th of … Continue reading

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Robots! Part 2

    Back in January, I stumbled across a video of dancing robots, from Boston Dynamics.  Not only did the children in my classroom fall in love with robots and music, they have since then begged to watch this video … Continue reading

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“Life Begins When You Get Back Up” – a Memorable Day at School

 Music brings joy to children. Books bring questions and thinking. Teachers bring love and answers. Today at school was a day I’ll always remember.  So will the children.  Emotions ran high.  In Dickens’ words, “It was the best of times, … Continue reading

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Preschoolers, Christmas Emotions, and ‘Gloria’

The emotional roller coaster of preschoolers is in full swing at Christmastime.  Tears, yelling, hitting, not sharing – it all surfaces at this time.   I’m there to help them navigate the waters and make things right.  In the end, … Continue reading

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My Favorite Christmas Ad 0f All Time!

The Spirit of Christmas That’s what it’s really about. This is the year we need to keep that spirit alive. This is the year we need to find happiness. If we are happy, it is contagious. I bring you my … Continue reading

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Music We Love – Our “Wake-Up Song”

Music is part of our school day, every day.  Thank goodness!  We have many favorite songs, from rhyming to silly, classics to new discoveries, patriotic, quiet and loud, and… well, I play all kinds of music for children.  They love … Continue reading

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Music and Beauty

“The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Music.” Music fills the soul. When atop a hill, on a farm, surrounded by the glory of nature as far as the eye can see, all is good. Jennie

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