toys r (all of) us.

Thank you, Beth, for the National Toy Hall of Fame finalists. The collection of toys is a walk down memory lane, and covers all areas of toys and play. My vote is for sand.

I didn't have my glasses on....

National Toy Hall of Fame Reveals 12 Toy Finalists

Which toys will make it into the National Toy Hall of Fame this November? The Strong’s National Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester, New York, announced the 12 finalists for induction into the hall: American Girl Dolls, Battleship, billiards, Cabbage Patch Kids, Fisher-Price Corn Popper, Mahjong, Masters of the Universe, piñata, Risk, sand, The Settlers of Catan, and toy fire engine.

“These 12 toys represent the wide scope of playthings—from one of the most universal playthings in the world like sand to a game-changing board game like Risk to the popular adult game of billiards,” says Christopher Bensch, vice president for collections. “Whether old or new, for kids or adults, all 12 of these toy finalists greatly influenced the world of play.”

The Hall of Fame receives thousands of nominations annually, and this year, fans may vote for their favorite finalists…

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25 Responses to toys r (all of) us.

  1. beetleypete says:

    I would have to vote for Matchbox Cars. I had a huge collection of those as a child.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I also vote for the Matchbox(R) cars. 😉 I had a lot of them too, and they were so funny. :-)) xx Michael

  3. Don Ostertag says:

    Had to look up The Settlers of Catan. Sounds a lot like the computer game I bought for our first grandson, The Oregon Trail. I don’t know the Fisher Popcorn Popper but I toyed with a multitude of popcorn poppers over the years.

  4. That’s a good list of favs. Several are amoung my favorites too. I still have a couple of American Girl dolls, and Battleship of course. That Fisher Price popper is classic! 😀

  5. bosssybabe says:

    So interesting to see how they’ve changed through the years!

  6. I had no idea there is a National Toy Hall of Fame! I think I’d have to go with Madame Alexander’s Baby Dear doll.

  7. Mya says:

    That’s a tough choice! I loved playing battleship! Maybe the American Girl Dolls!! Ill just have to wait and see!!

  8. Jim Borden says:

    that was a fun post – my vote is for Battleship…

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