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The Fog Calls a Teacher

Halloween was over, and a thick fog settled in. This was a fog never seen.  Never. The fog called me. I wanted to run, be with the fog, get swallowed. I am a child at heart. I have the eyes … Continue reading

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Creepy Sunset

My favorite intersection on the way home has beautiful sunsets. Tonight was different. The house! I’ve never seen it ‘come alive’. Halloween is here. Beware! Jennie

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Halloween at School

Instead of Halloween costumes at school, which can be scary for many children, we wear pajamas.  Teachers, too! We have a “Day in the Dark” with flashlights, glow sticks, black playdoh, and Lite Brite. We made Jack-O-Lanterns out of paper … Continue reading

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Halloween’s Full Moon…a Little Creepy

I was determined to take a photo of tonight’s Halloween full moon – the first full moon and blue moon on Halloween night since 1944. This was the first photo I snapped from my backyard.  We had snow yesterday, so … Continue reading

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Halloween and a “Jennie Story”

Our ‘Day in the Dark’ and ‘Pajama Day’ at school was fun.  Glow sticks and black play dough were a big hit.  Wearing pajamas to school is cool.  Things are different this year, yet the constant is storytelling. Storytelling is, … Continue reading

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Halloween, Then and Now at School

Our classroom family event, a few years ago. Halloween is quite different this year.  There’s no trick-or-treating.  Children will be wearing pajamas to school today for ‘PJ Day’, and ‘A Day in the Dark’.  These are fun alternatives to costumes, … Continue reading

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Telling a Halloween Story – A Classic “Jennie Story”

Storytelling is, and has always been, the foundation for language and learning.  I write about children, yet storytelling applies to all people.  Words and ideas are how we start to learn, and how we continue to learn. Everybody loves a … Continue reading

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A Magical Evening at School

Every year we have a party for families at school.  It begins with a pizza supper on the playground, followed by carving jack-o-lanterns.  It is wonderful.  Families meet and greet, eat pizza, and then roll up their sleeves to carve … Continue reading

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Halloween at School

Halloween at school is Pajama Day!  Everyone wears PJs, teachers included.  Of course there’s a (wonderful) method behind our madness.  Costumes can be scary for some children, and how cool is it to wear your pajamas to school! We also … Continue reading

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Making Memories at School

There is something exciting, magical about this time of year.  When the sun goes down and children are helping their families to carve a pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern, memories are made.  Imagine being three and four years old, at school … Continue reading

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