Music Makes the 4th of July

The 4th of July – America’s declaration of independence.  I teach children about the American flag, and patriotism.  It’s important.  Best of all, children often lead the way.  Their interests are the springboard for the best learning.

The 4th of July is far more than the Boston Pops concert, fireworks, and a barbecue.  It’s remembering our freedom, and how we got there.  In order to do that, we sing!  Children embrace music, and patriotic songs continue to be at the top of of the popularity list, year after year.

Music makes the 4th of July special.

Each year the favorite song is different, from “This Land is Your Land” to “God Bless America”.  Those songs have inspired the children to design quilts that are permanent displays.

And this year’s favorite song?

“God Bless the USA” with the Singing Sargents

To all my friends across America, have a safe and happy holiday.


About Jennie

I have been teaching preschool for over thirty years. This is my passion. I believe that children have a voice, and that is the catalyst to enhance or even change the learning experience. Emergent curriculum opens young minds. It's the little things that happen in the classroom that are most important and exciting. That's what I write about. I am highlighted in the the new edition of Jim Trelease's bestselling book, "The Read-Aloud Handbook" because of my reading to children. My class has designed quilts that hang as permanent displays at both the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, and the Fisher House at the Boston VA Hospital.
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51 Responses to Music Makes the 4th of July

  1. beth says:

    how wonderful ,and happy 4th to you and yours, Jennie!

  2. Happy 4th of July, Jennie!

  3. Dan Antion says:

    I hope you enjoy the 4th, Jennie.

  4. Ritu says:

    Happy 4th Jukt, Jennie!

  5. Darlene says:

    Happy July 4th!!

  6. K.L. Hale says:

    Happy Independence Day, Jennie! Thank you for inspiring our little citizens (and Big ones like me)! ❤️🤗🇺🇸

  7. beetleypete says:

    I hope you have a happy day, dear Jennie.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  8. And to you as well, Jennie. 🇺🇸

  9. Thank you, Jennie! I hope your fourth is going well.

  10. Listening to a song I love… Grateful and proud. Amen! 🇺🇸💞

  11. Don Ostertag says:

    Happy 4th to a great teacher who gives the children the basics of this important day.

  12. Happy 4th to you and yours, Jennie. Have a great July as well. Best, Bruce

  13. quiall says:

    And there is some great music!

  14. Wishing you a very Happy 4th July Jennie… God Bless ALL.. ❤

  15. petespringerauthor says:

    Happy 4th of July to you and Steve! A special prayer for those unable to be with their families today.

  16. Thanks for the musical celebration, Jennie. I hope you had a wonderful Fourth! ❤

  17. srbottch says:

    I trust that you had a wonderful holiday, Jennie, especially as part of a military family. God bless America!

  18. bosssybabe says:

    Hope you had a nice day, Jennie!

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  20. Hi Jennie, It sounds like you had a wonderful build up to the celebration.

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  22. Speaker says:

    I am a Chinese immigrant, grew up here and now retired. I am proud and happy to be an American! Please go out and vote come November! God Bless the USA!

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