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Gloria’s Weekend

Gloria had her first weekend visit with a child this year. Year after year, Gloria becomes a well-loved member of the classroom.  Why?  Because children naturally want to be loving.  They need a platform to do that outside of their … Continue reading

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Preschoolers, Christmas Emotions, and ‘Gloria’

The emotional roller coaster of preschoolers is in full swing at Christmastime.  Tears, yelling, hitting, not sharing – it all surfaces at this time.   I’m there to help them navigate the waters and make things right.  In the end, … Continue reading

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Why Do Play Performances With Children?

Timothy planned his own costume.  He wanted to be a seagull, and he thought a white plastic trash bag cut along the sides would be perfect.  It was.  This made Timothy soar in his performance; not only as a seagull, … Continue reading

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