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When I Became a ‘Real’ Teacher

 ‘TheHundred Little Things’ The hundred little things- that’s what it’s all about, in teaching and in life.  It took me many years as a teacher to figure this out.  Thank goodness I had a ‘lightbulb moment’. As a teacher, I … Continue reading

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Why Reading Aloud Made Cuban Cigars Great

While reading aloud is my passion and what I do- because it makes a marked difference in learning- I always write about reading aloud to children. Well, there’s more.  Adults.  The proof of reading aloud making a difference is in … Continue reading

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The Art Museum

Museums are always a source of wonder and inspiration for me.  I introduce art in a big way to my preschool class, so when I’m inspired, they are, too.  This week I visited the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, … Continue reading

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Two Blog Awards

Thank you to my good friend and happy blogger Nina over at The Happy Life – http://www.thehappylife101.wordpress.com – for nominating me for the Versatile Blog Award.  I am honored!  The rules are to list seven random facts about yourself, and … Continue reading

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Charles French, Author and Educator

I am pleased to tell you about Charles French, an accomplished author and educator who is publishing his new book, Maledicus: Paranormal Investigative Society Book I.  Let me start at the beginning of my story of Dr. French; his blogging, … Continue reading

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Three Quotation Challenges

I have been nominated for this quotation challenge, to come up with three quotations.  This is no small potatoes, as the field is filled with excellence.  That means two things to me; quotes that are both brilliant and simple, because … Continue reading

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Teaching History With Picture Books

As I read one of the classic children’s books, The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton, it turned out to be an unexpected history lesson.  This wonderful book begins with a charming little house on a hill, living through days … Continue reading

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“Starry Night” II

I will never underestimate children and art.  This story is why. I have been introducing a variety of styles of art to children as we prepare our annual Art Show for the community.  Currently we are learning about France, and … Continue reading

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Picture Stories and Fairy Tales

Picture stories are powerful.  And, they are complicated.  Children have to recall what they know, then have the words to tell a story in their own way.  Our recent picture stories added even more layers of work; deciding what characters … Continue reading

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