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Remembering My Mentor and Hero, Jim Trelease

Jim Trelease visiting my classroom. Jim Trelease, the man who put reading-aloud on the map as #1 for children, has died. I had his million copy bestseller book since my kids were little. When I heard him speak at a … Continue reading

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Children’s Words, Part 3

In Part 2 I talked about children telling their stories in their own words.  Without a visual or help from a teacher- no crutch, it’s not so easy.  Welcome to the deep end, not the shallow end.  Children wrote and illustrated … Continue reading

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Language, Literacy, and Storytelling – Part 3

In Part 2, I shared worrisome statistics about children who enter school excited to learn to read, and the dramatic drop-off when they are not exposed to books and hearing words.  I talked about the next step, engaging children in both … Continue reading

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Why Reading Aloud Made Cuban Cigars Great

While reading aloud is my passion and what I do- because it makes a marked difference in learning- I always write about reading aloud to children. Well, there’s more.  Adults.  The proof of reading aloud making a difference is in … Continue reading

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Reading Aloud; A Source of Making Cuban Cigars

Reading aloud never gets old.  It weathers time and generations.  It makes a marked difference.  Children who are read aloud to are typically one grade year ahead of their peers.  They have ‘the right stuff’, because all those words they … Continue reading

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