Gifting Books to New Families

Books.  A big bucket of books.  A big bucket of excellent books.

Sunday is my school’s annual Open House for new families, and for parents looking to enroll their child in our school.  As they walk through the front door, they will be greeted by this big bucket of books,  and encouraged to take one (or more).

What a wonderful welcome!

The message is more than wonderful.  It speaks to the importance of literacy, books, and learning.  Books define our school, and define my teaching.  Books define everything we need to learn.

And the books in the bucket?  Among the best, of course.

The Big Red Barn, by Margaret Wise Brown.
Chrysanthemum,  by Kevin Henkes
Giraffes Can’t Dance, by Giles Andreae

Sunday will be a wonderful day!


About Jennie

I have been teaching preschool for over thirty years. This is my passion. I believe that children have a voice, and that is the catalyst to enhance or even change the learning experience. Emergent curriculum opens young minds. It's the little things that happen in the classroom that are most important and exciting. That's what I write about. I am highlighted in the the new edition of Jim Trelease's bestselling book, "The Read-Aloud Handbook" because of my reading to children. My class has designed quilts that hang as permanent displays at both the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, and the Fisher House at the Boston VA Hospital.
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59 Responses to Gifting Books to New Families

  1. Ritu says:

    A lovely idea Jennie. We try and give books at several times in the year!

  2. One of the things I love about you Jennie (amongst the many) is that you truly love what you are doing and what you think will best help the children, and you do everything to make that happen. You are so fortunate to work in such a wonderful little school where you don’t have to just report on issues that don’t really make a difference in children learning. I am so happy for you. I wish I could be a little child again and get to feel the magic in your classroom! Thank you so much for always being who you are. In teachers I know of today, you are my favorite of all. Hugs, Anne

  3. ksbeth says:

    this is a brilliant idea and gesture in so many wonderful ways

  4. Dan Antion says:

    That’s s great idea !

  5. Excellent way to start parents and children off on the right foot. Great idea, Jennie.

  6. Mischenko says:

    Such an excellent idea, Jennie! I love all of these books too. Margaret Wise Brown has always been a favorite author. 💖 Hope you have an amazing day!

  7. Opher says:

    What a fabulous idea!!

  8. Darlene says:

    A fantastic idea. You and your school seem to do things right! A great impression for the parents.

  9. Books make excellent gifts!

  10. beetleypete says:

    I hope you all have a wonderful time on Sunday. The gift of books on arrival is a testament to the excellence of your school. (And its teachers, naturally)
    Best wishes, Pete.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Our local Barnes and Noble has a book collection each Christmas time. I let my grandchildren pick the books we wish to donate from the new ones on display. They go to children in our area who don’t have a ready supply of books. Giving books makes us all happy.

    • Jennie says:

      That is wonderful, Elizabeth. Every Barnes and Noble should do this. I’m glad your grandchildren participate. Giving books makes everyone happy. 😀

  12. Fantastic, Jennie. A priceless gift. 🙂

  13. frenchc1955 says:

    Jennie, this is a wonderful and lovely idea!

  14. frenchc1955 says:

    Reblogged this on charles french words reading and writing and commented:
    Here is another wonderful post from the excellent teacher, Jennie!

  15. Sarah says:

    What a marvellous idea, Jennie! Have a great Sunday! 😄

  16. Norah says:

    Fabulous idea, Jennie. What a quiet but effective way of promoting literacy to your families. The message is clear and memorable. For many, this will be an enlightening and life-changing event. Enjoy!

  17. Libby Sommer says:

    a book from a bucket. great gift idea.

  18. Ellen says:

    This is a marvelous way to gently encourage parents to read to and with their children. I love it! Thank-you for sharing and hope the day went beyond all expectations!

  19. This is an innovative idea, Jennie.

  20. dgkaye says:

    What a fabulous idea for a gift! ❤

  21. A wonderful idea, Jennie! Another way to bring people to read. 😉 Have a nice week! Michael

  22. Ela Alvarado says:

    Nothing says welcome like a big bucket of books:) such a great idea!!

  23. Such a good idea! Books can be pricey And a very thoughtful gift

  24. Ishani Roy says:

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