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Things Happen in Threes

Things certainly do happen in threes.  This week: 1)   The mask mandate at school was lifted. 2)  Gloria will now be allowed to go home with children for weekend visits.  Her last visit was two years ago.  This is her … Continue reading

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The Sticky Bun Lady

Christmas Eve every year for the past thirty years the sticky bun lady delivers her special Christmas treat. Her children were my preschoolers thirty-something years ago. She made her famous sticky buns with the class and the rest is history… … Continue reading

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My Legend of the Sticky Buns

Over twenty years ago there were two little girls in my preschool class, Michelle and Nicole.  Sisters.  Michelle was full of heart.  She cried at The Runaway Bunny.  She was always the star in our plays.  I think her most … Continue reading

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