Happy Birthday, Gloria!

After all these years, Gloria had a real Birthday Party.
Children were excited to plan the event.
They were giving, and children love to give.
They decorated a big Birthday Party invitation.

The invitation went to Gloria’s old friend, Rosie,
who lives in the Yellow Room.
Rosie and Gloria have had many playdates.
One time Gloria pulled Rosie’s braid,
but they made up and stayed friends.

The invitation also went to Pierre,
a new friend who lives in the Blue Room.
Pierre only speaks French,
yet he and Gloria played and understood each other.

“Make new friends but keep the old,
one is silver and the other’s gold.”

Children arrived.  Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to Gloria.
She was beside herself with excitement .

Her old friend Rosie made her a seashell on an aqua string.
She worked hard to make Gloria a card.

The Aqua Roomers made her a beaded necklace.
Every child picked a favorite bead,
and we strung the beads onto a rainbow cord.

(We had to hide Gloria under the loft
so she wouldn’t see us making her necklace.)

We ate birthday cupcakes,
had a dance party
and turned on the big bubble machine.
What a great Birthday Party.

Happy Birthday, Gloria!

At the end of the day we are on the playground with the Yellow Roomers.  Gloria was outside because I was trying to untangle her necklace.  When the Yellow Roomers came out, they saw Gloria and rushed over to her.  They were as excited as they were earlier at her Birthday Party.

No one asked Gloria how old she was.
No one asked her why she wears black.
No one said she was old, or ugly.
They stroked and hugged her.

Children understand far more than adults do.  They are genuine.  Quarrels are forgiven and they move on.  They are curious, practical, and open to learning.  They lean on each other, make friends, and are very accepting.  Children are blind to race, gender, and age.  No wonder they love Gloria.

We can all learn from children.


About Jennie

I have been teaching preschool for over thirty-five years. This is my passion. I believe that children have a voice, and that is the catalyst to enhance or even change the learning experience. Emergent curriculum opens young minds. It's the little things that happen in the classroom that are most important and exciting. That's what I write about. I was a live guest on the Kelly Clarkson Show. I am highlighted in the seventh edition of Jim Trelease's million-copy bestselling book, "The Read-Aloud Handbook" because of my reading to children. My class has designed quilts that hang as permanent displays at the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, the Fisher House at the Boston VA Hospital, and the Massachusetts State House in Boston.
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66 Responses to Happy Birthday, Gloria!

  1. Darlene says:

    Happy Birthday, Gloria. What a fantastic party. I love that Pierre only speaks French but they still are good friends and get along well. This a great example of being able to be friends even if you don’t speak the same language.

  2. What an anniversary! Happy Birthday, Gloria! Always a great pleasure to read the news about you and the Aqua Room team. With Pierre your new friend you can learn a lot about French Couisine too. :-)) Have a wonderful weekend, Jennie! xx Michael

  3. Man Kun says:

    What a fantastic party
    Birthday wishes dearrr

  4. Dan Antion says:

    Happy Birthday Gloria! I’m so glad her friends were able to come.

  5. beetleypete says:

    Wonderful! And delighted to meet Gloria’s friends from the other rooms too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  6. beth says:

    what a wonderful celebration for gloria and I’m so happy her friends came to share in the wonderful event. she has, and continues to, mean so much to so many. she has impacted more people, big and little, than she will ever know.

  7. What wonderful Party and get together of old friends… Happy Birthday Gloria… And isn’t it wonderful when Children are in Acceptance… no judgements.. So Happy all the children and Gloria, Rosie, and Pierre had a wonderful time…
    I so enjoyed myself reading about your day.. ❤ 🙂

  8. Ritu says:

    Aw! Happy Birthday Gloria! 🎉

  9. Such a wonderful event!

  10. petespringerauthor says:

    Happy Birthday to Gloria and for all the valuable lessons she has taught children about accepting people for who they are.

    I want to reemphasize some of your ending points. I think one of the most remarkable features of children is their ability to overcome disagreements quickly. A beautiful aspect of children I will always appreciate is their ability to forgive. Adults should learn this from their kids. People say, “You’re acting like a bunch of kids,” as if that is bad. This old adult says stubborn old fools that hang onto grudges for years need to pay more attention to how children do it. In the end, they want to be friends. Isn’t that what life should be?

    • Jennie says:

      Thank you, Pete. You hit on one of the key points. Thank you for reemphasizing children’s ability to forgive and forget. Yes, adults take notice!

  11. This gave me the happy chills. I love how you give us a little lesson (how to celebrate a loved doll) that turns into a BIG lesson – how we can learn from children to just love, and not find differences amongst our friends nor strangers. Just love. And eat birthday cake!

    • Jennie says:

      Well said! And yes, we can learn much from children. Thanks so much, it was a great party. Little lessons are truly the big things in life.

  12. Don Ostertag says:

    Yes, Jennie, we could learn so much from children. I am reminded of an old saying, ‘Kittens are so great. To bad they grow up to be cats.

  13. Happy Birthday Gloria!!! 😍

  14. Now THAT is how you throw a Birthday party, Jennie. Happy to see all of Gloria’s friends could attend. A special day to be sure!

  15. Happy Birthday, Gloria. Thanks for sharing the fun, Jennie.

  16. Opher says:

    Gloria is such a wonderful asset!!

  17. barbtaub says:

    Happy Birthday Gloria!

  18. Carla says:

    How Wonderful! Happy Birthday, Gloria.

  19. Norah says:

    What a glorious celebration of Gloria’s birthday. I enjoyed meeting her new friends. I totally agree with you about children. We can certainly learn much from them. Especially when we listen and watch.

  20. frenchc1955 says:

    Hi Jennie, This is wonderful, and you are absolutely correct that we can learn from children!

  21. quiall says:

    What a wonderful party. And you are right, children teach us so much if we are willing to learn.

  22. dgkaye says:

    Happy Birthday Gloria! ❤

  23. Luanne says:

    I want a birthday party like Gloria’s this year, but my cats don’t know how to plan things.

  24. Hi Jennie, it sounds like a marvelous birthday party. We can all learn from children, that is why I love them so much.

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