Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


A scary weather forecast


High winds and lots of snow


Playing in the snow with the children

Reading “Katy and the Big Snow”



About Jennie

I have been teaching preschool for over thirty-five years. This is my passion. I believe that children have a voice, and that is the catalyst to enhance or even change the learning experience. Emergent curriculum opens young minds. It's the little things that happen in the classroom that are most important and exciting. That's what I write about. I was a live guest on the Kelly Clarkson Show. I am highlighted in the seventh edition of Jim Trelease's million-copy bestselling book, "The Read-Aloud Handbook" because of my reading to children. My class has designed quilts that hang as permanent displays at the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, the Fisher House at the Boston VA Hospital, and the Massachusetts State House in Boston.
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84 Responses to Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

  1. I hope you stay warm, Jennie.

  2. Ritu says:

    Oh wow! Hope you all stay safe in that weather !
    But, it can be such fun!

  3. I’m in Ohio and will be missing it this time. Be safe!<3

  4. Aw.. that is cold. Take care!

  5. I’m looking at the same scene outside my window. We had some VERY high winds earlier. So far, we haven’t lost power. (Knock wood!)

  6. johnrieber says:

    Stay warm and safe!

  7. Stay safe, warm and well! ❤ How lovely it will be once the sun shines! xo

  8. srbottch says:

    Great plans and wonderful selection. But, you knew that😉. Have Fun!

  9. Darlene says:

    I remember those days! Most kids love snow. I wasn’t one of them.

  10. Ellen says:

    Winter Storm Kenan’s bomb cyclone has also visited little Rhode Island. The wind was a bit unsettling and did raise concerns about the possible loss of power which, thankfully, has not happened. Watching the falling snow as it accumulates is still one of my favorite parts of living in New England that began with the “Blizzard of ’78”. Shoveling afterward…not so much anymore! A quote that Benjamin has memorized due to hearing my frequent repetitions : “Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together.” – Vesta M. Kelly. Have fun on Monday at school! Sadly, the snow will soon disappear due to rising temperatures on Wednesday. Thank-you!

    • Ellen says:

      In my little corner of Rhode Island the snow fall measured a wee bit shy of 20 inches. My kind neighbor came over late last evening and used his snow blower on my driveway and then shoveled my walk and doorstep too. I am extremely grateful and forever in his debt! I am curious by nature and must inquire about the amount of snow that fell in your corner of Massachusetts? Thank-you!

      • Jennie says:

        Thank goodness for your wonderful and kind neighbor. We had 15 inches, and it was harder to snow blow than expected. It took us most of the day, bit by bit. We are northwest of Boston, pretty close to the New Hampshire border. We were spared what the south shore and cape got!

  11. beth says:

    enjoy and stay safe

  12. quiall says:

    When I was a child I loved the winter. Ice-skating, snow angels, tobogganing, hot cocoa with marshmallows and warm fires. I have wonderful memories and I prefer that’s all I have. I am over winter the moment it begins.

  13. Jim Borden says:

    the perfect book for such a day!

  14. bosssybabe says:

    For some reason, the cold snow was unnoticeable when we were children lol now all I see outside is icicles lol… Oh to be young again! But I guess children and how the view the world keep us feeling young (at least me)!

  15. cindy knoke says:

    Yikes! Stay safe & warm.

  16. petespringerauthor says:

    I’ve been in contact with my brother in New Jersey. They seem to have fared better than you. He said they had six inches, and temperatures expected to be down to the single digits tonight. I loved playing in the snow when I was a kid, but I suspect it would be far too cold for me these days.

    • Jennie says:

      I wish it were warmer today so kids could play in the snow. We will struggle to reach 20 degrees today. Snowblowing shouldn’t be too bad. We have 15″ to 18″, but it’s very light and fluffy. Tomorrow at school will be warmer, so the children will have a blast in the snow.!

  17. What a scary weather, Jennie. Hope you’ve stayed warm and safe!

  18. CarolCooks2 says:

    I loved snow as a kid I used to come home blue with cold to lovely hot crumpets and hot chocolate and repeat the next day…Stay warm and safe but also have fun with kiddies can’t wait to see the snowman, Jennie 🙂 x

  19. Norah says:

    Enjoy the snow. Making snow angels looks fun.

  20. GP says:

    I genuinely miss playing in the snow. Today at 39*F is pretty cold for south Florida, but no snow.

  21. That’s a lot of snow …. enjoy playing it in later today.

  22. That wind looks freezing, Jennie. We get cold winds here to and its quite deceptive, because it looks sunny outside.

  23. Oh wow, I know how you’re feeling. We had that same scenario in December. Stay safe and warm!!

  24. beetleypete says:

    We have 5C, and hazy sunshine today. I don’t envy you all that snow, Jennie.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  25. Lets build snowmen, Jennie! :-)) I agree, snow on the roof is a very good isolator. Here we also have these horrible winds, coming from the East. Stay warm! xx Michael

  26. Yesterday today tomorrow 🤗😊

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  28. Maya says:

    That must be really cold, I haven’t experienced one because there’s no winter season in our country.

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