Morning at the Market


A giant field of gorgeous sunflowers and zinnias
greeting customers as they arrive to shop for local produce.
A delightful way to start the morning.


About Jennie

I have been teaching preschool for over thirty years. This is my passion. I believe that children have a voice, and that is the catalyst to enhance or even change the learning experience. Emergent curriculum opens young minds. It's the little things that happen in the classroom that are most important and exciting. That's what I write about. I am highlighted in the the new edition of Jim Trelease's bestselling book, "The Read-Aloud Handbook" because of my reading to children. My class has designed quilts that hang as permanent displays at both the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, and the Fisher House at the Boston VA Hospital.
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55 Responses to Morning at the Market

  1. Sartenada says:

    How beautiful. Thank you.

  2. willedare says:

    Yes, yes, yes! There is a yard in my neighborhood with a similar profusion of zinnias and sunflowers. These wonderful flower-beings — and the bees, butterflies and birds they attract — are such a tonic for our souls!!!

  3. Annika Perry says:

    wow! Jennie, I doubt I’d go any further – just stay and admire this incredible colourful border! 😀

  4. Opher says:

    I love the colours.

  5. carhicks says:

    So beautiful, what a wonderful welcome.

  6. Amazing to be welcomed by blooming flowers of all sorts and colours. They know how to inviting people, and bring them a good mood. Thank you for sharing Jennie! Enjoy your day, and the weekend. Michael

  7. What a cheerful sight!

  8. beth says:

    what a lovely beginning to a day. I love to go to market

  9. It’s worth the trip just for the flowers that greet you! It’s beautiful!

  10. Delightful, indeed! ☀Have a lovely day, Jennie! xo

  11. Beautiful, Jennie. Thanks for the flower power this morning.

  12. Wow! Those are so beautiful how could you not be inspired by that view!

  13. beetleypete says:

    That is a nice, and clever, thing for the market to do. It gets you in a good mood for buying! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  14. Darlene says:

    What a happy picture!

  15. Elizabeth says:

    This time our zinnia seeds came straight from Burpee instead of the store and they have bloomed with outrageous abandon.

  16. Sunflowers and zinnias are two of my favourite flowers. This year, in my garden, the zinnias are very tiny, and the sunflowers are huge, so they are truly Mutt and Jeff.

  17. CarolCooks2 says:

    What a beautiful sight, Jennie such a lovely start to the day 🙂 xx

  18. TanGental says:

    Love me a sunflower

  19. Shanyu says:

    Beautiful. Such a bright and wonderful gesture.

  20. Beautiful and cheery, Jennie. A great share to bring smiles. 🙂

  21. Sarah says:

    Aww – so many happy flowers! What a wonderful way to start the day, Jennie! 😀🌹💕

  22. Kally says:

    I’m totally stealing this pic to put as my iPhone wallpaper! Oops!

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