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Enjoy the little things,
for one day you may look back
and realize they were the big things.

~ Robert Brault ~

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About Jennie

I have been teaching preschool for over thirty-five years. This is my passion. I believe that children have a voice, and that is the catalyst to enhance or even change the learning experience. Emergent curriculum opens young minds. It's the little things that happen in the classroom that are most important and exciting. That's what I write about. I was a live guest on the Kelly Clarkson Show. I am highlighted in the seventh edition of Jim Trelease's million-copy bestselling book, "The Read-Aloud Handbook" because of my reading to children. My class has designed quilts that hang as permanent displays at the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, the Fisher House at the Boston VA Hospital, and the Massachusetts State House in Boston.
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24 Responses to Today’s Quote

  1. Ritu says:

    Do love this quote!!

  2. beetleypete says:

    That’s a very astute observation indeed, Jennie. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. dolphinwrite says:

    Very cool. We miss so much in our hectic schedules, which later we wish to return and appreciate. Very cool.

  4. Libby Sommer says:

    so true Jennie. thanks for the reminder.

  5. That’s a keeper! I’m going to write that one down.

  6. Absolutely…great quote ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. willedare says:

    Yes, indeed. I recently got an email from a parent who participated in Music Together classes with me and her daughter for a couple of years. Two years later she writes that her daughter still associates me with the Tibetan chimes we always ding at the beginning and end of each class as well as with the opportunity to turn on the off the lights before and after the lullaby we sing near the end of each 45-minute class. Small things to me — yet they still loom large in this child’s memory. On the unrelated topic of foxes, I was delighted to see two of them frisking around a large enclosure at Drumlin Farms last night as well as a 15+ flock of wild turkeys who flew one by one (how tantalizing!) over the foxes’ enclosure to roost in nearby tree branches for the night. Hurrah for moonlit nights in the country!!! And little things which become big things as time goes by!!!

    • Jennie says:

      Will, what a wonderful story! Thank you so much!! Yes, it really is the little things that are the big things. And what might be little to us can be big to someone else, like your little girl. When people say that a smile can change the world, I think thatโ€™s the same thing. Smile at someone, and you might have changed everything for them. And, what a treat to see foxes and wild turkeys at night. Wow! I would love to see that. Drumlin Farms is a great place. Yes, those moments in the country seem to become bigger as we age. Iโ€™m so glad!

  8. Norah says:

    Perfect! So true. xx

  9. This is lovely and so meaningful. Thank you so much, Jennie

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